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I LOVE what I do!

I LOVE the results + feedback I get!

Its my mission to enhance + improve the quality of life + wellbeing for animals, peoples + the planet.

I have a need to Nurture + Share.

These things I’m Passionate about + Committed to.

So Dog + Co is based + operates on Integrity, Commitment + Passion

(ohh + quite a few Pooch cuddles + kisses !)

So you know – what you’re promised – is what you’ll get!

Here’s just 1 example of the warm + fuzzys I get with my job –

‘I adopted Billy from the RSPCA in December 2011. First photo was in January 2012, he had an awful skin condition and was a nervous and timid little dog.

I saw Dog and Co products one day and bought the Shampoo and the Tonic.

After a week of adding the Max Tonic to his dinner the change in him was obvious – he stopped scratching and biting at his skin. The shampoo soothed his irritation too and fur began to cover his bald patches. He just went ahead in leaps and bounds and now he is just bursting with energy and so healthy, his fur is thick and soft and as the photos – taken in March show, the once timid little dog is just an absolute showoff.

I use the tonic every day on his dinner, the shampoo and conditioner regularly and he just continues to thrive.’

Shirley Jennings Longford TAS

Looking forward to you joining our Pack

Sam xx

Billie Before

Billie after Dog + Co

Everytime YOU purchase from Dog + Co you’re donating to Animal Rescue + Welfare Groups – Thank you!